Health risk linked to the use of pesticides in The sub-prefecture of bazranatis (ivory coast) - Akiri


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ISSN-L : 2958-2814
ISSN-P : 3006-306X

Health risk linked to the use of pesticides in The sub-prefecture of bazranatis (ivory coast)

Publication Date : 30-06-2023

Auteur(s) :

TAPE Bi Sehi Antoine.

Volume/Numéro :
Volume 3
Issue 1
(06 - 2023)

Résumé :

The objective of this study is to assess and analyse the level of health risk (intoxication) related to the use of pesticides in the Bazra-Natis sub-prefecture. The methodology of data collection was based on documentary research and field survey. Thus, based on a quota survey and a simple random draw, 5 villages and 50 farmers were selected as the statistical unit. The combination of data analysis from the documentary research, the field survey and Delphi refined to the analysis of risk by the epidemiological method, made it possible to retain sixteen (16) risk factors of human intoxication considered preponderant. The results show that there are numerous pathologies linked to the use of pesticides (skin diseases, respiratory and eye irritations, digestive and hormonal disorders, frequent headaches) as well as the routes (modes) of human intoxication (by the skin, by ingestion, by the respiratory route). The evaluation and analysis of the risks of intoxication indicate that the risks linked to the use of these pesticides are higher in farmers who use risky practices (RR = 2.45 > 1; RR = 1.24 > 1; RR = 1.88 > 1). Similarly, the pathologies from which they suffer (or have suffered) are attributed to these practices identified as risk factors for skin, digestive and inhalation intoxication by these pesticides (AR = 0.58; AR = 0.18; AR = 0.44). In order to reduce the risk of human poisoning, preventive measures are needed, including training and awareness-raising of farmers on agricultural systems, pesticide handling and the wearing of protective equipment.

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